Welcome to Ellipsis’ documentation!

This is the documentation for the official python package of Ellipsis Drive. You can find the source code of the package at https://github.com/ellipsis-drive/python-package. The package eases the use of the Ellipsis Drive API, by wrapping many of the API calls in python functions and adding some more intricate functions as well.


General usage

Retrieving all maps in “My Drive”.

import ellipsis as el

# log in
token = el.account.logIn("username", "password")

# retrieve all maps in "My Drive"
maps = el.account.listRootMaps("myDrive", token=token)

Retrieve all maps and folders inside a specific folder, and retreive information about the folder itself.

import ellipsis as el

folderId = '46e1e919-8b73-42a3-a575-25c6d45fd93b'

token = el.account.logIn("username", "password")

info = el.path.get(folderId, token)
maps = el.path.listMaps(folderId, token = token, listAll = True)
folders = el.path.listFolders(folderId, token = token, listAll = True)

Uploading files

The below example uploads a raster file.

import ellipsis as el

token = el.account.logIn("username", "password")
rasterMapId = el.path.add("raster", "some name", token)['id']
timestampId = el.path.raster.timestamp.add(rasterMapId, token)
el.path.raster.timestamp.upload.upload(rasterMapId, timestampId, pathToYourLocalFile, token)
#don't forget to activate the timestamp once upload is completed
el.path.raster.timestamp.activate(rasterMapId, timestampId, token)

Similarly, the below example uploads a vector file.

import ellipsis as el

token = el.account.logIn("username", "password")
vectorMapId = el.path.add("vector", "some name", token)['id']
layerId = el.path.vector.layer.add(vectorMapId, token)
el.path.vector.layer.upload.upload(vectorMapId, layerId, pathToYourLocalFile, token)